NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna

The Space Apps Challenge Vienna

is a global event (133 countries in 2015) and the world’s biggest hackathon, which takes place over 48 hours in different cities around the world. The areas of the challenges were: Earth, Outer Space, Humans and Robotics this year.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna hosted by INiTS (vienna-based business incubator) took place at the university of Vienna over the second weekend of April.

On Sunday, the 12th of April, after a 48-hour hackathon, each team had the chance to pitch their project in front of the jury. The winning teams will be able to take part in the international NASA space apps challenge and win the opportunity to participate in the Observers Programme at the AMADEE-15 Mars simulation for a day.


The Winning Teams – Introduction Videos Produced by NeuKurs

Food4Life, which has designed a mini mini, 3D Food Printer and call it FoodComposer to print food in extreme environments and places with food shortage. It provides personalized nutrition based on individual needs of the astronauts.


Sensor Yourself, which uses INS(Inertial Navigation System) technology combined with LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and other sensors to locate the relative position of objects in hardly accessible areas and mapping these areas with height resolution in the process.


Brainterstellar, which is an open platform that allows the crowd to scan all new satellite images of the earth faster than ever. (People’s Choice Nomination)


More Information about the Hackathon Weekend in Vienna >


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